Michael Finkelstein, Eco-Woodturner
Executive Desk Pen Set
$215.00 to $260.00
Style: EDPRB
Executive Desk Pen Set  Sterling Silver Rollerball
Wood: Tiger-Quilt Figure Silver Maple
Price $260.00
Our desk pen sets are designed with classical style and a sleek linear body
They are handcrafted with the highest figure wood that highlights the beautiful grain and natural colour
The pen and holder are made from a single piece of wood with matching grain
We use durable metal platings and the wood is naturally polished. The pen is 7"High
Each set is unique, signed and numbered.  Available in rollerball or ballpoint
The rollerball uses Schmidt Safety Ceramic Rollerball refill#888F or equivalent
Style: EDPBP
Executive Desk Pen Set Gold Plated Ballpoint
Wood: Crotch or Swirl Figure Black Walnut
Price $215.00