Michael Finkelstein, Eco-Woodturner
Style: GFTN
Gentlemen's Rhodium Fountain Pen

The classic design and superb balance of this fine desk pen make it a favorite for those
who prefer a larger, heftier pen. It ensures effortless writing every time you use it.
The Gentlemen’s Pen is designed for use  with the cap detached.
This pen features 22k gold/cobalt accents on a brilliant Rhodium finish.
It features a top quality two-tone nib with an iridium point.
It includes an ink cartridge,converter & maintenance instructions
Wood: Silver Maple Burl
Recycled from *Roxborough St., Toronto
Wood: Silver Maple Burl
Recycled from *Roxborough St., Toronto
*Please see the wood-profile for the Roxborough Street tree
Fountain Pens For Sale
Manitoba Maple Burl       pen#GFTN-MMR
Greater Toronto Area  Delivery via Canada Post (Next Day) Service -  $15.00
Other destinations:  please
call or e-mail for delivery costs
Cherry Burl      pen#GFTN-CB
Buckeye Burl      pen#GFTN-BE
Olivewood*        pen#GFTN-OW
Amboyna Burl*       pen#GFTN-AB
*sourced from "FSC" Forest Stewardship Council Certified wood suppliers
Sugar Maple Burl    pen#GFTN-SUG
Red Oak Burl      pen#GFTN-RO
Spruce Burl      pen#GFTN-SPRU
Spalted Sugar Maple  pen#GFTN-SSM
Red Maple Burl  pen#GFTN-RM
How to Order Pens

...more wood species are available...
a custom-ordered pen can be ready within 3 days