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Michael Finkelstein, Eco-Woodturner
Welcome to my woodturning website

I handcraft each bowl, platter or hollow-form to show the predominate figure;
crotch, burls, birds-eye, quilt, spalting, bark-inclusions, etc.
Maple, Apple, Cherry, Walnut, Birch, Box Elder, Oak, Hemlock,
Cedar, Poplar & Spruce are some of the wood we utilize.

I handcraft all my creations using logs which I personally get
from environmentally recycled trees in Ontario, Canada

Please see my Commissioned Work page for unique, one-of-a-kind collectible bowls and hollow-forms.
Many of my creations are functional and
food-safe finished
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December 2007
Featured in the December 2007 issue of Canadian House & Home Magazine
"Gotta Have It" on page 32
These bowls are presently in private collections across Canada and the U.S.A.
February 2008
Ontario Craft Council presents
Profile of Michael Finkelstein
Our Toronto studio is open to our clientele on an appointment basis.
A large selection of well-priced items are available.
call Michael or Maxine to book your personal visit.
Introducing our new children's
line of personalized bowls
Handcrafted from environmentally recycled trees
April 2012
Please see the
photo gallery of our woodturning demo for
"Ontario Wood" at the 2012 Green Living Show
Maxine Finkelstein
Artist Portfolio
Eco-Woodturner Presentation Desk Pen & Box Set
Walnut Closed-End Fountain or Rollerball Pen
with Curly Maple Pen Box
More info
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Environmentally Sustainable Eco-Wood Decor
Maple Burl Peppermill or Salt Grinder
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October 17, 2014
The Maple Leaf Forever Tree Lives on Through Eco-Woodturning
At the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)
See Photos and ROM Video
Norway Maple Burl Natural-Edge Bowl #2343
Recycled log from Toronto, Ontario
more info; maple bowls for children
NEW:  Utility Maple Salad Bowls  12" to 15" Wide
Nut-free Natural finish
Ontario Maple Natural-Edge Serving Boards
Quantities Limited - Various Sizes
Salt / Spice Keeper
click here to see more details
New for 2017
The Legacy Wood Fountain Pen by Ecowoodturner
Made from local maple, cherry & walnut trees
More info
Featured Commissioned Work Nov.2019
Silver Maple Burl Artistic Hollow-form #2855