Michael Finkelstein, Eco-Woodturner
How I turn Bowls & Platters from Recycled Trees
Bowls &  Platters in a Tree
6 basic steps.....
2. Cut the Log to Size...
maple union from a recycled tree, which
will be
cut vertically in half, through the pith
1.  Find Recycled Tree...
Cutting up a maple burl log into slabs of
wood found in the City' tree recycling yard
3. Bandsaw cut the Bowl Blank...
silver maple bowl blank cut round
on a bandsaw, ready to turn
4. Mount the Bowl Blank on the Lathe...
Rough-turning  a maple bowl blank on the lathe
using gouges
to shape the bowl or platter
5. Let dry until around 8% M.C....
rough-turned bowl blanks drying a box
6.  Re-Turning, Sanding, Finishing and Waxing...
A finished  maple burl platter,  3 to 9 months later
7. Craft Show
Handcrafted bowls & platters
How I Make Bowls & Platters from a Box Elder (Manitoba Maple) Burl
Box Elder Burl about 20” wide.
I marked the center (pith) and later  made a platter from it
(see below)
Side View
Prior to chainsaw cutting
I chainsaw cut each side
down to within 2" of the bottom
I finished the chainsaw cuts
while bracing each half on a log-cutting jig
(a bucking box)
7 Bowls and 2 Platters were "cored" from
the 2 halves and the 1 center section.
1" of the center pith was eliminated
Finished Platter
Finished  Bowl
15"W x 7"H
"Green Bowl & Platter Turning"
All-Day Workshop for 1 Person
Intermediate woodturning skill level required
How I  Create A Burl Bowl click here
See Bowl#746
Handcrafted from environmentally recycled trees