Michael Finkelstein, Eco-Woodturner
Eco-Woodturning is the use of ecologically friendly wood  in the crafting of wood-turned items.

                                              Utilizing recycled logs helps me minimize
                     the environmental impact of my work

Each unique numbered woodturning can be traced back to either a tree-recycling site or the actual street where I  obtained the logs.
We are a participant and licencee with the Province of Ontario's  "Öntario Wood' program.


                                How I Reduce My Eco-Footprint

Use only hardwood logs recycled from fallen trees
Woodturning Lathe & Dust Collector System wired for 240v to reduce energy consumption
No air conditioner in the shop
Natural drying of most bowls and platters
Workshop lighting uses eco bulbs
Preference for eco-friendly, food-safe finishing materials; oils, finishes and glues
Use recycled paper packaging materials    
Recycle wood chips and sawdust  from the production process; FoodShare Toronto uses our wood chips for composting !

Please see photos of the recycling process on my website;  
How I turn bowls & platters
About Eco-Woodturning
Handcrafted from environmentally recycled trees