Michael Finkelstein, Eco-Woodturner
Figure in Wood, Wood Properties, Photos & Resources:
FANDEX Family Field Guides#47 N.A. Trees Identified by Leaf, Bark & Seed; ISBN-10: 0-7611-1204-9- Workman Pub.
Glossary of Wood Terms related to Grain & Figure;   Figure in wood glossary with photos  
National Audubon Society Field Guide to Trees - Eastern Region N.A.  ISBN:0-394-50760-6 - Random House.com
Tree Identification:
Tree Identification - Trees in the Greater Toronto Area - complied by Michael Finkelstein;
TREE ID  page 1      Tree ID page 2    TREE ID page 3     TREE ID page 4
Wood I.D. and Photos from Hobbitt House; www.hobbitthouseinc.com/personal/woodpics
Wood Magazine.com - Wood Figure; http://www.woodmagazine.com/materials-guide/lumber/wood-figure/
Burls and Burrs ~ Definition; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burl
Food Safe Finishes:
Is Your Finish Food Safe - Article in Wood Magazine.com
Woodturning magazines, books & instructional videos:
Woodturning (UK); http://www.lightningpublications.com
More Woodturning (USA); http://www.fholder.com
Woodturning Design (USA); http://woodturningdesign.com
Complete Illustrated Guide to Turning, by Richard Raffan;  ISBN 1-56158-672-2
The Lathe Book , by Ernie Conover; ISBN 1-56158-416-9
Turning Green Wood, by Michael O'Donnell. ISBN 1 86108 089 1
Woodturning:Two Books in One, by Phil Irons. ISBN 0-8069-6583-5
Bill Grumbine's instructional video
"Turned Bowls Made Easy"   
Tools and Machinery:
Atlas Machinery Supply Ltd., Mike; http://atlas-machinery.com
Craft Supplies USA., Danny Lange; http://woodturnerscatalog.com
Delta Machinery; http://deltamachinery.com
Dimar Canada Ltd (specialty drill bits), Jeff; http://dimarcanada.com
Klingspor Canada: LeeAnn Hribljan 1.905.643.0770 Klingspor.com
Lee Valley Tools  Ltd.;   http://leevalleytools.com
Oneway Manufacturing.,  Kevin; http://www.oneway.on.ca
Supermax Tools 19-38 Drum Sander,   http://supermaxtools.com
Wood-of-1-Kind., Peter - "Skogger & Rotondo Penturning Tools"
Wood-Cut Tools., Peter  
Woodturning Process - Photos:
How I turn bowls &  platters from recycled trees
How I Make Bowls & Platters from a Box Elder (Manitoba Maple) Burl  (Center of Page)
Positioning a Natural-edge Bowl or Hollow-form on the lathe
How I  Create A Burl Bowl
Woodturning is an inherently dangerous activity.
Readers should not attempt any process or procedures without seeking  proper training and
detailed information on the safe use of tools and machines.
Handcrafted from environmentally recycled trees
Tree Care Specialists (Care, Removal, Maintenance)
Bruce Tree Expert  - Ian Bruce   http://brucetree.com
DreamWorks Tree Services.  Call Rick      http://dreamworkstrees.com