Michael Finkelstein, Eco-Woodturner
                                                         COMMISSIONED WORK

I undertake Commissioned Work for unique, one-of-a-kind  collectible bowls, nested sets , platters, hollow-forms and
pens  which I craft in my Toronto studio/workshop, from local recycled logs of fallen trees.  My handcrafted bowls,
platters and pens are an ideal personalized gift for all special occasions.  

Have you lost a tree to weather or disease? I will wood-turn your fallen tree into memorable utility bowls and platters or
works of art.   I can also engrave your family name, street, date etc., on the bottom foot of each piece.  
Each unique piece is numbered and signed by me.
Logs with
burls  as well as crotch wood* generally produce the highest figure in the wood grain.  

Please browse through the
Gallery sections of my website to view a sampling of my previous work.  
Shopping section maintains a selection of current works for sale.
how I transform a client's log into an heirloom bowl

I hope that my work style captures your imagination and inspires you.

call me to discuss your personal requirements.

*Crotch Wood definition from Wikipedia:  the section of a tree where a branch divides from the trunk, or the trunk divides in two; typically an area of convoluted
grain.  URL:  
Bowls in a Tree
Silver Maple Burl Hollow-form #883
Silver Maple Burl Hollow-form #2855
Commissioned Work and One-of-a-kind Art Works
Handcrafted from environmentally recycled trees
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Examples of local trees and shrubs with nice grain/colour

Manitoba Maple (box elder) with natural red stain colour
Red Maple, sugar maple, birch, red oak, walnut & walnut root
Fruitwoods like plum, cherry, apple & pear
Horse chestnut, tulipwood, staghorn sumac, red juniper, smoke bush
"Free Spirit" Floating Rim Hollow-Form #2596
"Hidden Beauty" Floating Rim Hollow-Form #2683
15"L x 12"W x 6"H
Maple Burl-Cap Floating Rim Natural-Edge Hollow-Form #711
Copper Beech Commissioned Work "Storyboard"
" Inspiration" Crimson Maple Hollow-form #2312